Self Catering Sicily will introduce you in a network of hospitality accommodation with the same standard of aesthetic and functional quality, personalized support services and a guarantee on prices. All apartments are located in central places, easily accessible, well served and in safe places in order to make your stay pleasant and devoid of any unexpected. We know that the holiday is to be considered successful when it lacks unpleasant surprises.
Contact us for any information in regards to the accommodation set out above, but also to have information on the cities you want to visit on the tour that you would like to do, if you want to satisfy that curiosity about Sicily.

Our goal is not only to suggest you a comfortable and unique accommodation.
We are also travelers and we know that for a traveler main thing is to know the true and the real costumes and habits of local people.
We want to first of all be your friends and offer you all the information you require to visit the sights of the city or cities you decide to visit.
Depending on your tastes and your needs we will be able to suggest itineraries suitable for you.
If you like the sea or the mountain, if you are sports fans or you like good food, ifyou are a golfer or just ask and boaters we will try to give an answer to your needs.
You have to rent a car or a motorcycle? Do you want make excursions on our mountains? Or simply looking for a good restaurant?
As great experts of our land and with the network of contacts established throughout the island we will certainly be able to offer some valid suggestion to your every request, even the most various.
The journey is a very personal experience and can not be standardized with pre-established routes or tour with fixed stages.

Let us know and we will tell you what is best for you.
Catania is the ideal place for your visit to the Eastern Sicily. From here you can move by yourself with bus or car to reach the destinations more interesting. By connecting with several operators we can also help you to organize your trip on west part of Sicily, find a comfortable home to stay and give you a support in throughout your journey.

There are places in Sicily really interesting that they are not advertised by the agencies, and that only the Sicilians know.
Sicily is renowned for its agricultural products and for the cuisine. Do you want to make a path food and wine? Do you want to do a short course of Sicilian cuisine with the cook at your home? Do you want along one of the many wine routes Sicilian? Do you want to go to pick mushrooms? Do you do a trip on horseback on Etna or Nebrodi mountains?
Your every request has an answer.

Contact us: each your request has the right solution.



Thanks to anyone who collaborated at this website, who gave us materials and contents, who have written texts:
Massimiliano Strano, architect. He founded the company and designed the houses, the website and written all the contents. Look at for more projects
Sara Parker, photography (, text translations